Rupit is a piece of world immersed in the heart of the beech forests of Collsacabra, a village of those who maybe in twenty years shall loose its physiognomy, but which now resists even with roofs that dance, with the fragile wooden balconies, with alleys in rise and fall, and with a few dormant houses, some with Gothic Windows and most of the 17TH of the era of Baroque Saints, the Virgin full of tears, of love, of the bandits songs, of L’hereu Riera, Serrallonga and Perot the thief. 
17th century Catalonia is the heroic and sentimental Catalonia, the flower of our Songbook and the silver tunic of our legends. And Rupit people is therefore a fragment alive, distinguished and hidden 17th century Catalan, with a few dumb farmers who wear barretina and a few girls in colorful cheeks and shy look.

Josep Maria de Sagarra (catalan poet, 1894-1961):

Collsacabra area is one of Europe’s leading natural areas. Cliffs, forests of beeches, oaks, meadows are  a must for any nature lover. Wildlife, vegetation and medieval origin of the village make Rupit one of the most interesting landscapes of Europe.

Collsacabra is raised on an extensive plateau on top of cliffs hundreds of meters high where an interesting animal diversity of mammals, birds and amphibians lives in. From Rupit can easily be seen vultures, eagles, newts and salamanders, honey eater, deer or badgers.

In the heart of Collsacabra stands Rupit, a medieval-origin village built under the rock where the Rupit castle stood, 1.000 years ago. Its inhabitants kept intact its medieval origin, so that walk through its streets is a time travel  to the XV-XVI century of Catalonia mountains. That’s why there are identical reproductions of streets and houses in the resort Rupit Poble Espanyol in Barcelona. Outskirts of the town there is Pruit, a large agricultural area with typical rural houses with centuries of existence.
The best way to enjoy the natural diversity of Rupit is with the hobbies you love: hiking, trail running, mountain biking, horsing, photography, astrology, geology, anthropology etc.. available to seniors, families and athletes.

The distances from Rupit to any city make our area the  quietest paradise: here you will listen the silence. That’s why people come to Rupit workshops for personal growth and conscious evolution.

“Rupit is one of the prettiest villages of the world thanks to its unchanged architecture and natural surroundings”

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