Excursions & tracks from Rupit

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Pla de la Palomera i Bassis

7,5Km // Accumulated elevation 360m

Tour between Rupit i Tavertet

14,3km // Accumulated elevation 580m

Roca Llarga i Salt de Sallent (I)

20km // Accumulated elevation 773m

Roca Llarga i Salt de Sallent (II)

14,3km // Accumulated elevation 580m

Puig de la Batalla i cingles de Casadevall

15,7km // Accumulated elevation 500m

Salt de Sallent i Roques Encantades

19,6km // Accumulated elevation 773m

St. Joan de Fàbregues i Salt de Sallent

7,3km // Accumulated elevation 380m (la major part per carretera portland)

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